This is your ultimate halloween experience, a once in a lifetime chance to get lost amongst it all. 
Strangers will become friends, memories will be forged & time will stand still as the gates of paradise open up.  

Excape to the Maldives, celebrate Halloween in style & party over a trio of islands with international artists.

Chapter II takes place at


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Stay and experience

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Join us as we excape reality & fly to the idyllic tropical paradise, The Maldives Riviera.


A 4 day, 3-night wanderlust full of exploration and excitement.

Non-stop musical happenings, international artists, beach parties and the most sumptuous all-inclusive food & beverage package plus so much more.


We have put together an amazing schedule of musical events & experiences


We've found the most picturesque locations that span the island to host each experience and have booked some incredible international artists to take us all on a journey from day through to night


We will be releasing the full line up of artists & events very soon!


Expect the most awesome sunset, beach & secret escapades across the trio of islands.